From the idea to the business

Nuova Stampolux dal 1992


Today Nuova Stampolux is considered an important and appreciated company in the market of polishing of steel and metals for molds thanks to the over 40 year-experience of its founder. Daniele Mazzucco, with his competence of 15 years in this sector, decided to start Stampolux in 1992, and soon after it became Nuova Stampolux with a new corporate name.
In the 90s the company had the aim to consolidate its activity and to perform workings of polishing, in particular with small and medium-sized molds used in different fields like cosmetics and optics. Molds have also been used for other sectors, as for example medical, technic and home products. The demand of getting high stardands of finishing has soon increased.


Thanks to the long experience gained in the sector of polishing, the company has continued its professional growth, both within the operating space and the quality level of its professional abilities. Nuova Stampolux has made hundreds of tools ad hoc to get great performances in the polishing of new and to review molds, with a high level of difficulty.
In 2008 Daniele Cito entered the company and has been an important added value to support the growth of the company and helped to share the challenge started in the first ‘90s. Nuova Stampolux has increased its structures, equipments and professionalism, directing its job potential to a higher range of production sectors and even accepting to realize
molds of bigger dimensions.

Nuova Stampolux - lucidatura stampi
Nuova Stampolux - lucidatura stampi


Nowadays in such a competitive market, Nuova Stampolux can provide safe solutions to the company producing molds, which are always searching for partners that can guarantee reliability, high range of finishing, speed of execution and competitive costs. So Nuova Stampolux has become an essential partner inside the final production process of molds requiring perfect polishing. Time, experience, precision and patience are the main qualities for Nuova Stampolux, which has got excellent results thanks to its seriusness and confidenciality for every order, creating a competitive advantage for its clients.