The production phases

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Nuova Stampolux is completely indipendent, using different precision instruments and all the useful processes always to create an operational distribution of the performance. This advantage can guarantee efficiency and productivity to optimise all the phases of creation and procession of the molds.

The staff of Nuova Stampolux uses advanced professional machines like high speed rotators, shaping machines and ultrasound equipments that permit to the specialized operator to get high level of working with his hands, especially with the best lustre of the molds or the steel parts in the automotive sector. The first step of the working process is the choice of the abrasive materials to use, and Nuova Stampolux has chosen between the best suppliers of the market. After that, the workings are divided into three operational phases: degreasing, semi-finishing and dressing.


The decreasing

It’s the first step with metal and one of the first working carried out choosing the best raw materials, soft and hard stones, abrasive rotators and webs. These are often set up on especially modified equipments to get the best results and degrease the mold from the residues left during the working process of the machine tools.



The manual or mechanic semi-finishing is the productive phase where abrasive webs and stones with different grains (from the biggest and decreasing to the finest) are used. In this working the competence makes the difference, because thanks to the know-how obtained with several years of workings, we can make the right choice according to the bases to treat and cross different grains of abrasive for the best preparation of the base to the final finishing.


The dressing

The dressing obtained with wood, fibres, felts and dressing pulps is the final phase of the whole working and the greatest moment of finishing phase. At the end of this productive pathway we will get a perfect and accurate finishing of the mold and the highest lustre possible. So the client can obtain the best results required and, at the same time, the high standard of professionalism of Nuova Stampolux.