Nuova Stampolux

Polishing of molds for plastic

The accuracy in every phase of the process of steel and metals polishing for molds, the care of details and the strict confidentiality during the cooperation with our clients constitute a guarantee of our quality, reliability, uniqueness and permit us to make the difference in the market.

About us

Over 40 years of experience in the field of mold polishing make Nuova Stampolux a serious and reliable partner for companies that produce molds and are looking for perfection in details. Decreasing, semi-finishing and dressing, are the traditional three processing steps that guarantee a single result: excellence.


We offer our customers the possibility of obtaining high-definition polishing for small, medium and large-sized molds. Nuova Stampoux guarantees a high quality standard of finish, particularly suitable for very demanding sectors such as cosmetics, optics, medical, technical and household, but also operates in the field of vintage cars and motorcycles with chrome and steel polish of historic vehicles.


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