Privacy Policy

With this page we inform the visitors of the website about the methods of processing and managment of the personal data transmited or obtained from Nuova Stampolux Snc of Mazzucco and Cito during the web surfing. The policy is valuable only for this website and it cannot be valuable for other websites in case accessible by hyperlink.

According to the articles 13 and 14 of the European Regulation 679/2016 regarding the protection of personal data of natural persons, and regarding the Reccomendations n. 2/2001 of the Group estabilshed by the Article 29 of the Directive with reference to minimum requirements for the protection of the collection of data on line in the European Union, we inform as follow:


Data controller

The data controller is Nuova Stampolux snc di Mazzucco e Cito
C.F. e P.IVA 12673360157
90, Roma Street – 20091 Bresso (MI)
Tel +39 02 61 07 892
Fax +39 02 36 53 24 76


Types of data processed in our website and recipients

During the web surfing on the website, the data controller provides and processes the following data indipendently or through third parties:


  1. Web surfing data

It is the personal data provided and automatically obtained with the simple connection to the website.
The information is not collected to identify the user, but however it could permit the identification.
They are the IP addresses, the domain names of the computer or mobile devices used for the connection, notation addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required researches, the time of the connection and request, the method of request and every other parameter concerning the operating system and its IT environment.
The recipient of this data is ARUBA SPA


  1. Information data is voluntarily provided by the data subject

The personal information data is voluntarily provided by the data subject and it allows the direct identification; such as name, surname, address, social security number, company name, telephone number, email address. This data has to be voluntarily and directly provided by the user filling the form and then, it is acquired by the data controller for the purpose of the processing and that authorised by the data subject.
Between these types there is the data possibly provided by the data subject in specific sections of the website for the purpose connected to that section, and always with the consent of the data suject for the specific purpose (for example the contact form or the demand for mailing list).
The data subject always assumes the responsability of the personal data of third parties obtained, published and disclosures on our website and guarantee the right to communicate and spread it. In this case the data controller is free from every responsability towards third parties.
The recipient of data is the data controller, who informs the data subject with the specific privacy policy and obtains the consent for processing when it is necessary.


  1. Identification data of the data subject provided through Cookies

During the web surfing the user can unconsciously provide identification data through Cookies installed for the recognition of the user during every access, in order to understand his habits and tastes.
The policy of managment and use of the Cookies is well explained in the section Cookies Policy of this website, please refer for best undestanding of the data included in this category.
The recipients of this data can change according to the Cookie activated. For further information please refer to the Cookie Policy of the website.


Legal basis of the processing

The legal basis of the processing is the free consent provided by the user interested at the moment of the contribution of his data and/or the necessity to perform the contract with the data controller.
The data controller lawfully manages the data to compliance with a legal obligation he is proned to, and when it is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of other natural person, fulfilling the task of public interest or linked to the exercise of the public authority when the data controller is in charge. (article 6 Regulation UE 2016/679).

The user always has the right to know the specific legal basis of his personal data processing with a direct request to the data controller’s addresses.


Purposes of the processing

The user’s data is obtained and processed in order to supply its services and guarantee the fulfilment of the signed contract with the recipient or to accomplish the precontractural requests subscribed by him (such as the preparation and forwarding of a quote).
The data is acquired and provided for the following purposes: statistics, communications with the user, display of the content of external platforms and interaction with them (google, youtube), protection of the website from SPAM.


Modalities of the processing and details of the services used

The processing of the data acquired in the website by the data controller for the purposes indicated above is accomplished by the use of informatic and/or telematic instruments, but rarely by paper and computer programs.
The data controller has used appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee the data processing according to the existing legislation, and even an appropriate safety policy which included the training of the staff responsible for the processing, which will always be carried out in safety.
In case of designation of the Data officers (such as hosting provider, informatic societies and suppliers in general), the data Controller guarantees that they will always work in accordance with the legal standards, using appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the right of the data subject.


Time and place of data retention

The personal data collected in this website is managed in the headquarter of the data controller and Aruba S.p.A. in n. 53, San Clemente street – Ponte San Pietro 24036 BG.
The personal data collected can be transferred from this website to other subjects and third Countries out of the European Union only with the express consent of the user and according to the modalities and purposes indicated above. The user has the right to know in detail the safety measures used by the data controller to protect the data transferred to third parties or out of UE, the user can send a specific request to the adresses indicated at the top.


Retention period

The data is collected and stored for the period necessary to the achievement of the purposes for what they had been collected; in any case for the time of the web surfing and moreover for the consent provided by the user for the installation and use of the Cookies.
For further information contact the data controller. The user always has the right to withdrawal the consent to the processing of his data, except the right of the data controller to keep and store it in order to fulfil the legal obligations or the orders of the authorities.


Rights of the user (data subject)

-The data subject always has the right to access to his data processed in the website, ask for the correction, update and cancellation or restriction, unless it limits the legal obligations of the data controller (for example the fulfilment of the taxes).

-the data subject has the right to oppose to the processing without legal basis or for marketing purposes (article 21 Regulation UE 679/2016).

-the data subject has the right of the data portability concerning him, to submit it for the processing from one data controller to the other, according to the Law (article 20 Regulation UE 679/2016).

-the data subject has the right to withdrawal the consent for the data processing in every moment without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent previously provided, and except the processing has been imposed to the data controller to fulfil the legal requirements.

-the data subject has the right to complain to the Data Protection Supervisor every time he has considered his rights to be breached, according to the Italian Regulation and the European Union for the processing of personal data.

-to fulfil his activity and the contract, the data controller has to make use of the automated decision-making processes which can have legal consequences or affect on the data subject, who has the right to know in every moment both the logic basement of these processes and the importance or the consequences foreseen for him by this processing.

-when the data controller carried out his activity, he makes activity of profiling on the data subject, which concerns the use of data to analyse and foresee the aspects concerning the professional performance, the economic situation, the health, the personal preferences, the interests, the reliability, the behaviour, the location and the movements of the data subject. The activities fulfiled by the website have been explained above, and actually they are based on the informed consent provided by the user.

-the data controller gives to third parties and transfers to Coutries or International Organizations part or the whole personal data of the data subject, in the presence of specific consent from the data subject and ensuring a correct protection of the data according to the existing legislation for personal data protection, as specified above. The data subject is informed about the necessary warranties used by the data controller to ensure the continue protection of the data and his rights, the place where it is available and the means to obtain a copy.

The data subject can exercise his rights sending an email to or calling +39 02 61 07 892


This privacy is constantly reviewed and updated, in order to ensure the adequacy to the regulation of the privacy and data protection of the user’s rights.


Legal references

This information is prepared in compliance with the principles of the 2016/679 EU regulation and of the recommendation n ° 2/2001 of the working group established by the art. 29 of the directive n ° 95/46 / CE.

What are cookies

A cookie is a text file sent from the site visited by the user to his device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) and that is memorized by the device itself to be then transmitted back to the visited site during subsequent visits.

Cookies have various functions, but their main purpose is to improve navigation, storing user information to recognize it at each visit and collect data on the use of the site by the user.

For example: cookies allow us to memorize preferences, to know in which language you have seen contents of the site. Thanks to cookies, you must not select the site language, currency or other preferences each time you return to our site.

During navigation, the user may also receive cookies sent from websites or web servers of third parties on which reside elements (for example images, maps or videos) also on our site.

Types of Cookies

Cookies are subdivided according to the duration:
– Session cookies: they are removed when the site link is closed and are therefore limited to the site.
– Permanent cookies: they remain in the user’s device even after browsing, for a variable time depending on the duration of the file.
Cookies are subdivided according to the type:
– Technical cookies: help to make a website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to protected areas of the site. The website can not function properly without these cookies.
– Analysis cookies: allow the owner to collect information anonymously to evaluate site performance and evaluate the use of the services offered. It is possible that the service is carried out on the site through third party cookies (for example Google Analytics).
– Profiling cookies: are cookies that do not belong to the Owner, but to third parties and allow interaction services and links with other sites. Cookies for profiling are used to monitor visitors on websites. The intent is to display relevant and engaging ads for the individual user and therefore the most valuable ones for publishers and third party advertisers. For these deactivation is possible.

Cookies processed by our site with the consent given at the first access

The cookies used by our site are connected to the following applications:

For purposes of statistics and profiling </ strong>, the site collects and processes Cookies and user usage data that allow to monitor and analyze traffic data and are used to keep track of user behavior. The data in question are collected and processed using the following services:

– Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this Application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google.
Google may use the Personal Data to contextualise and personalize the advertisements of its advertising network. For more information on the logics and methods of processing data collected through the application, the user is invited to consult the supplier’s privacy information notes


To view content from external platforms </ strong>. The consent to this treatment means that this site can collect usage data even if the user does not use the service. The data in question are collected and processed using the following services:

– YouTube videos (Google Inc.)
YouTube is a video content display service managed by Google Inc. that allows this application to integrate such content within its pages. The data collected with this service are cookies and user usage data. For more information on the logics and methods of processing data collected through the application, the user is invited to consult the supplier’s privacy information notes


– Google Fonts (Google Inc.)
Google Fonts is a service of visualization of styles of character managed by Google Inc. that allows this Application to integrate such contents within its pages. The data collected with this service are cookies and user usage data, as indicated by the service’s own privacy policy. For more information on the logics and methods of processing data collected through the application, the user is invited to consult the supplier’s privacy information notes


– Google Maps (Google Inc.)
Google Maps is a map visualization service managed by Google Inc. that allows this application to integrate such contents within its pages. data collected with this service are cookies and user usage data. For more information on the logics and methods of processing data collected through the application, the user is invited to consult the supplier’s privacy information notes

Our cookies:

Technical cookies:

Name: ginger-cookie
Description: Stores the status of the user’s cookie consent for the current domain.
Duration: 1 year

Name: pll_language
Description: Stores the preferred language for viewing the site.
Duration: 1 year

Profiling cookies:

Name: NID
Description: Register a unique ID that identifies the user’s device that returns to the site. The ID is used for targeted advertising.
Duration: 6 months

Description: Cookies installed by the Google map on the “Contacts” page only if the user has logged in to his Google account.
Duration: up to 20 years


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Where do we use cookies?

We place cookies on your computer or device and receive the information stored therein if you use or access our website.

How do I control the way cookies use cookies?

Browser cookie control option

The browser or device may contain settings that allow you to choose whether to set cookies and delete them. For more information on these control options, see the help materials for your browser or device. Following some links for the most common browsers:

Chrome: Settings for Chrome
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This Cookie Policy is subject to constant review and updating in order to ensure the adequacy of the legislation on privacy and the protection of user rights.